250-280ml per square metre (all in one coat)
Drum of 5lt, 10lt & 20lt - Barrel of 200lt


STONECRETE SEALER SPS is the final product (finishing product) for concrete, plaster, cement and stone surfaces.  It is a penetrating, sealing varnish with solvents and it does not get diluted as it is ready to use. It provides a matte finish on the final application surface.


After the application surface has set, the expansion joints have been cut and the surface has been washed with hydrochloric acid solution (only where that applies), we apply the STONECRETE SEALER SPS. It can be applied by roller or spray. The environmental temperature must be from 8°C to 32°C, the humidity in the atmosphere must not exceed 40% and there must be zero humidity on the application surface. Before and during the application process of STONECRETE SEALER SPS-101 constant stirring of the product within its container is required, as all products that offer matte finish succeed in doing so with the addition of suspension in the sealer mix during its production.


- It penetrates through the surface pores, solidifies within its mass and seals its final surface from the first coat.

- Minimizes the absorptivity of the application surface.

- Assists greatly on the cleaning and maintenance of the surface during its use.

- Brings out the colours of the final surface.