STAINLESS STEEL HAND EDGER WITH WOOD HANDLE - 15cm x 10cm x 0,13cm x 0,16cm


Hand edger for use on fresh concrete and other cement slabs, made by stainless steel with wood handle. The 15cm blade moves smoothly along the edges of concrete surfaces, sidewalks and slabs. This edger creates a 0,13cm radius, with a 0,16cm lip on the edge of the slab in order to prevent the edges from chipping with wear. The 10cm wide tool provides the perfect amount of coverage on the side of the surface.



- For prevention of chipping of the edge of freshly poured slabs with a smooth radius.

- For use on concrete slabs, other cement mixtures and all similar constructing materials.

- Heat treated Swedish stainless steel.

- Made by special alloy that will not ryst, pit or stain.

- Comfortable smooth wood handle.