Bicycle paths


Bicycle Paths can be created in two ways:

  • The first approach consists of marking a lane, on an existing road or pavement surface, and painting it with STONECRETE TRAFFIC PAINT, at the selected colour.
  • The other way, involves creating the substrate from scratch, so in that case we follow the construction stages of Industrial Floors, without adding the Colour Hardener or the Super Penetrating Sealer. 4 days after the placement of the concrete, the surface gets painted with STONECRETE TRAFFIC PAINT.

The applied surface does not need to be sealed, as the STONECRETE TRAFFIC PAINT is characterized by great elasticity that contributed to the waterproofing of the surface.

At the same time the colours remain unfadable through the passage of time. STONECRETE TRAFFIC PAINT is available in30 standard colour shades, new colours can be manufactured upon request, and at the same time it is available within the STONECRETE COOL SERIES range of products, with exceptional reflective qualities.

Required Materials


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