3 kilos per square metre
Bag - 25 kg


Ready-to-use product, in powder form with specially graduated granulometry, for strengthening, hardening and colouring concrete surfaces and other cement derivatives.


It is applied by dry-shake method on the surface of freshly placed concrete, on two coats vertical between them, or it can be mixed with water and other liquid additives for application through plastering or spraying.


- It increases the hardness and strength of the concrete surface, and ensures its durability in heavy use.

- The offered colour shades do not fade out due to weather conditions or passage of time.

- They have sufficient pot-life.

- They have perfect workability

- They offer skid resistance to the application surface, in order to avoid accidents.

- With their application, they offer high aesthetic results.

- They contribute to the prevention of cracking formation/detachments to the finished surface